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Come out of her my people. It’s up to you to study and show yourself approved a workman of God not being ashamed but rightly dividing every doctrine of truth. We are commanded to take dominion and occupy, to be a whole man. Your life, your children’s lives are dependent upon these very issues.

Are you enslaved to fiat paper currency? The masses operate as slaves and are voluntarily registering their biological property through covid, in order to work and live as chattel property secured by their pledges, being none the wiser. This is how we fund the corporate government making every American a servant to the elite through their dummy corporation. Corportacracy rules as long as you voluntarily submit to treason and slavery.…news-with-bobby-lawrence.html

We the people have all the power and don’t know it. Would you like to be free? What about the maxims of law? You are federal property if you’ve taken the Covid injection, starting with the birth certificate. What will you do? They’re after your children.

Walk To Freedom

There is so much more. A whole man is Free, Spiritually, Physically, Financially, Mentally & Emotionally, according to the written Word. The masses, the private, public, homeschooled, live out lives until death, totally enslaved, in service to the world and not to Jesus Christ, Yashua Hamashia in accord with His written Word. It’s past time to critically think, are you ready?

Bobby Lawrence 1776 Re-ignited

You have witnessed the greatest crime in political history.

…Build your foundation of knowledge and comprehension. 

Start at the top of the channel and begin your walk to freedom. 

The channel is my journey to freedom as I lived it. 

Read everything, including the comments.  Study the links posted. 

Each of us takes the journey to freedom at our own pace. 

No one can make the journey for us, one must take the journey for themselves. 

Many here have taken the journey.

We will help you, we will not enable lethargy and apathy.

We wish for each of you to have the same feelings and experiences we had, as we gained a new comprehension of where we are as a nation and a society. 

Click the link below and it will take you to the top of the channel.

Comment along the way. 

Ask for help or guidance if needed. 

We may nudge one to grow beyond what they feel their limitations are. 

Communication is important, even critical to our mission of restoring God’s LAW back to our nation. 

We will restore our Constitutional Republic.

We will restore God’s LAW back to our nation. 

If we don’t stand now, there may be no place to stand for our children later.

John 8:32

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