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Are you a part of the Gold Team? Are you walking in Faith led by the awesome Spirit of Jesus Christ? Are you a man of Faith or of the world? Do you understand the dynamics of a warrior?

Dom Raso is a former SEAL Team Six / DEVGRU Operator whose career spans across twelve years and multiple combat deployments during the Global War on Terror. Raso served in Gold Squadron, an outfit that suffered a staggering loss during an attack on August 6, 2011 when a Chinook CH-47 (call sign: Extortion 17) was shot down by insurgents.

This was the most devastating day in SEAL Team Six history, as well as the single largest loss of life for U.S. forces since the war in Afghanistan began in 2001. Raso is well known for his contributions to DEVGRU in the way of research and development and combative techniques. Post his military career, he took those same lessons learned to create his brand Crush Everything / Dynamis Alliance. As CEO, Raso seeks to prepare the next generation by embracing sacrifice and using it as a positive energy to “crush everything” that he does.

SEAL Team 6

Are you a fearless knight for the Lord Jesus Christ? Those awake know America operates as a Corporatocracy and not a Democracy with a Republic today. We were given a Constitution for those able to keep it. As we see our country slipping away today, few are taking a stand, speaking loudly or standing for what is right.

America will always have the woke, injected, fearful who will fall according to His eternal demands. It’s all about becoming a Fearless Knight for our Abba Father, the King, Jesus Christ. Are you heeding the call? Is everything you’re doing just? Is it what Father God wants?

Stop the genecide while supporting those you love and care for. Remember, CV19™ is just the beginning and the woke usually can’t be helped and never forget the damage being systematically done to the children through big pharma & government schools.

This life is just a blink in time in light of all eternity so do your best. Everyday when your feet hit the floor we’re in a war and it best be for Christ Jesus. For those with a family, family is everything as long as Christ is the cornerstone of the family. Become a Fearless Knight to Father’s Glory…

John 8:32

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