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Having brought CV19™, an injectable, medical devise to an end, we are confronted with the question: What happens next? Mayhem is what happens next. Total and utter mayhem. Is there any hope for humanity? Decide for yourself…

Fear has always been the tool used to control, motivate & lead the masses and they use it with precision. Stop giving away your power because it’s time for action. Face the ugly truth and accept reality. Know the facts, know your enemy and share facts not fear.

People have been turned into hackable animals with great success thanks to CV19™. God has been surpassed and taken over. They finally did it. The WEF defines the future through the fourth industrial revolution which doesn’t change what you’re doing, it changes you by defining what the world should look like.

CV19™ is genetic editing which changes your identify. The next crisis is waiting just around the corner. Fear keeps the masses in line just as they’ve infiltrated every cabinet in the world.

John 8:32

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