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If you oppose the agenda and the powers that be you like Trump will be grave danger. The laws are so convoluted we could be tried on a variety of lies and few are willing to take a stand due to rhino christians & broke-back limpwristed attitudes. The useful idiot is taking a stand like never before. Prepare for a wild ride.


Be concerned and be prepared because you’re next due to the inability to speak loudly the truth. The sheep will do anything to keep their job and paycheck. The sheeptards are quietly watching the coming events, willing to be vaxxed without a whimper. Tyrants and evil people cannot be reasoned with so prepare for some real hard times by accepting the reality for what it is. Now that the damage is done whats coming next will be a doozie. The hour is very late. Hope you are prepared because this is not just politics…

Stay Positive

Things are going to continue to get harder so prepare mentally, physically and financially. Change is key and preparation is important allowing freedom from twisted emotions. Is what we have right now worth saving; the answer is No so keep a positive mental attitude…

The Tax Man

Are you morally opposed to giving money to a system that destroys everything good, right & just? Why do you support absolute wickedness? What you pay, 60%, does not go to America or the US Treasury, so what are you doing and why are you doing this? You are contributing to your own demise along with your childrens future. Just something to think about. Are you concerned?


Drugs are for people who can’t face reality & reality is for those who can’t face drugs. From a moral perspective anything that alters reality is for the weak minded soul so accept Christ and live or not. The choice is yours only if you desire His Truth…

Control The Controllable

Everyday, take control of the controllable. Who and what are you listening to? Be hyper aware of what you take in concerning all aspects of your life. Become hyper aware of your output & input. Above all take action and speak loudly. Read the Word of God, seeking the Lord in prayer our Abba Father. Seek the creator of the universe every morning in prayer. Be intentional every day as long as you live, becoming the complete version of you. Accept that change is coming and always control the controllable…

Only The Woke

How is it folks can be this gone? Oh, they’re vaxxed; another useful idiot of the year; Bobby Boy. You know, the vaxxed, woke, libtards are beside themselves with President Trump’s conviction.

You Want More Criminals

When one can’t think a script must be used as exhibited by Bobby. Have you been jabbed yet and if no, why not? Run down to your local pharmacy and get your new spike protein, loaded with nano particles and graphene oxide since your DNA is now hackable creating a whole new society of useful, clueless, controllable, compliant idiots, tyrants & gagsters…

John 8:32

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