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Too many hide behind their jobs, their money, their Phd’s, ultimately compromising all values of integrity, principle while wearing mask of pure fraud operating within a circle of secrecy. They enable systems of seduction. They are the agents of compromise.

They divide the world with lust, possessions, cars, so called education, thus signing away your soul for the world of a plastic life which is a life of slavery & solitude ultimately leading to death. If only people could get their courage back. If only they could live for Christ & Truth.

Man must learn to think critically & stand for truth, His Truth. Government schools destroy critical thinking while teaching a self serving, self centered lifestyle and few can break free. The prison cell is within your mind, your brain, your job and your lifestyle comprised with a stream of lies.

Lay your life down and walk in the path of light only found in & through Christ Jesus. Wash your mind in the water of the Word. Surrender your life to truth and stop racing your way to hell. The only inoculant is truth, His Truth.

John 8:32

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