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The butchers of humanity are alive & well as they continue with crimes against humanity. This genecide is the intent of the Corporatocracy. These bioweapons are masquerading as vaccines allowing control from the inside. The nanotechnology is taking over the body creating total mind control with the aid of AI harvesting our own current. The vaxxed can no long process information thus creating cyborgs and zombies.

The goal is explicit targeting of human cognition, how people perceive and interpret information. Cognitive warfare focuses on attacking and degrading rationality leading to exploitation of vulnerabilities and systemic weakening. We the people are the adversary. A potential association between CV19™ vax and development of alzheimer’s disease is rapidly developing.

Years ago Bill Gates wrote about how his desire was to mind human energy for crypto and he is well on the way. The network being created employs all kinds of nano-devices and nano nodes, in particular graphene GOD quantum dots, but also nano-devices or nano sensors made of hydrogel, carbon nanotubes and graphene sheets. These quantum dots can transmit and repeat signals, so that they act as nano antenna, transmitters and receivers, in target organs and tissues.

Synthetic biology is the goal of transhumanism. The SARS-CoV2 spike protein is vulnerable to moderate electric fields, part biology and part technology.

The Vaccine Agenda

Watch the movie Metropolis created in 1927; German expressionist science-fiction silent film directed by Fritz Lang and written by Thea von Harbou in collaboration with Lang from…a seminal prediction of a megacity where the masses work as slaves for the good of a ruling elite.

Thanks to newborn vaccines and government schools the result is what we have today with a dumbed down working class solely for the elite. As crimes against humanity continue, we the people are enforcing these crimes against our own people just a Pogo once stated; I’ve met the enemy and he is us…

The Secret Covenant is to create a populas who cannot think!

John 8:32

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