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Sean interviews Nathan Reynolds to discuss the unleashing of demons across the earth. “The Indoctrinated Brain” has led to a vast wave of cognitive dissonance across America among the fear driven, godless citizen known as a controllable subject. Far too many hide behind the cloak of Christ, leading to their own demise as daily events unfold.

The mental action or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience and the senses has reached a state of cognition and they walk among us as our system collapses. Due to misinformation and the waning of human cognition America stands at the edge thanks to the invisible virus & the covid injection masquerading as a vaccine.

The CV19™ injected and resulting infections adversely effect cognition along with educational achievement, becoming more clearly pronounced daily as America is being flooded with millions of illegal aliens due to non-action.

Nathan Reynolds

If the pureblood christians, the unvaxxed, don’t awaken, their will be mass slaughter across America as the masses are being railroaded to their own demise. Speak loudly and prepare as never before, starting with one’s relationship with Jesus the Christ. Eternity is on the horizon and closer than ever before. We are facing many serious economic threats and most have little moral standing.

Please pay close attention and pray. Stand & speak loudly for the truth of Christ or continue standing for nothing. Transhumanism along with all perversions must go. Where have all the intelligent godly men gone?

John 8:32

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