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Operations in our nation’s history commenced & they’re happening now. Attacks by means of negative reviews cannot stop truth from being exposed. The system is being burned down. The question is what will you do? How will you deal with this reality? What is the trigger as we peer over the edge?

Derek gives everyone what we’ve been looking for, which is hard evidence & irrefutable facts, with truth backing up wild claims! Army Veteran, Derek Johnson, exposes so much while deciphering recent, past and current events. Derek reveals the blueprint making up the most, monumental historic covert set of operations in our country’s history. The take-away you’ll get from watching is that the military is in control which will be revealed in time.

Derek Johnson breaks down the following:

How we KNOW Sleepy Joe isn’t our President.

The truth about the illegal raid on Mar-a-Lago.
The countless military aircraft and recent flights by and over Washington, DC and why (a NO FLY zone).
How we KNOW the Military is in full control of our country.
Why there are fences around the Capital Building and White House.
Each Executive Order Potus Trump put into place that proves he is still President!
Why over 1300 CEO’s have stepped down in the last 3 years.
What’s really going on with our National Guard. Things make perfect sense once you know!
Why the White House is literally a Ghost Town. The lights are on but nobody’s home!
Why Biden had a duplicate Press Room built.
How we know for a FACT that the current ‘Biden’ is an actor.
Why Potus Trump’s ‘Alamo Speech’ was so important and relevant for today.

The financial system is in such deep trouble it could unwind very quickly systemically. The system is being gutted just as millions are being culled with the covid vaccine and the many new variants & boosters producing billions for the invested. Everything is about to change. These are the most exciting times to be alive and those surviving will be like the founders building new institutions.

It’s up to Americans to wise up, wake up & stand up in support of the original home of the free & the brave. Those led by fear will always be the losers. Prepare for the biggest and greatest fight of your life. Don’t trust the medical, science, government or banks. The Russians, bankers, politicians, medical & government don’t care about your fantasy world.

Most don’t know what they’re capable of until necessity demands it. The future isn’t written yet and it’s going to suck and be awesome at the same time. These are extremely exciting times and our soul job is to fight evil daily. We are judged by our fruit so get to work. Christ has told us what to do so be a good steward. Few Christians have this mindset and not everyone will make it as the men are separated from the boys. Father God is looking for operators like Dad, a Captain with the Seal Teams…

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