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This is a must see! I have yet to find such a well rounded summary of an overall picture of what mankind is facing in these times and am therefore honored to have found this man in recent times, or should I more honestly say he found me! But glad we both are, nonetheless, as once you watch this message of his that I had heard as an audio a few days back and had quickly chosen to make into a video, you too, will see that this brother is surely going to prove to be a great herald and spokesman for Father’s kingdom as well as a great ministry partner for us here!

Paul Masters is his name, and he has graciously agreed to co-host a new conference show with me that we’re calling “We His People”. The title, “We His People” is meant to quickly show folks the clear position that we hold which is to biblically stand, not as “We THE People”, as the secularists stand on a Constitutional law and provision (theft) system, but in a content and peaceful, set apart responsible obedience to Father’s law toward our neighbors.

Our goal is an upbeat message, where we cam see the inheriting.of the kingdoms of the earth just ahead on the horizon, as we hope to see this awakening steered quickly away from man’s false social structures and back to YHWH’s perfect law of liberty!

We foresee our efforts in a chain of snowballing converts coming back to understanding how we have the perfect opportunity right now to restore our world’s peace and harmony, so long as we embrace what the early Puritans had done and take it one step further (now that we know about these hidden secret societies that the Puritans were not aware of) exhorting one another like never before! I pray that we might all become dedicated in making ourselves lawfully distinct from the many various man-made social systems and their advocates, multitudes that they may be, and stand as if we are already a huge majority worldwide, because…

Just one believer and his Savior, becomes a fierce, invincible army! The show, We His People, will officially start this coming pagan Friday (10/30/2020) at 8:30 eastern standard time, USA, and we already have our good friend Ted Weiland lined up as a most honored guest and good friend to help us kick off our first show! Dial: (1)480-297-0773 access code: 7914477# For more info, contact either or Paul at Blessings to all who are again seeing the perfection of YHWH’s law for mankind!

President Trump must expose the Covie Kool aid test to herd the masses into the new Hydo Gel, Nano Tech, RFID Tagged Vaccine. He must also replace the corrupt federal reserve monatary system getting rid of the revenue collectors along with the deep dark state Biden, Obama, Clinton, Bush along with so many in support.

Thank you Trump for exposing the 8 million children that go missing and are trafficked annually along with being harvested. Thank you for exposing the Jeffreys, Harveys, et al. Now it time for the thinking to take a stand for truth and righteousness to our Abba Father’s Glory through the Lordship of Jesus Christ along with ridding America of the corporate run church.

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