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Welcome to the future of fully controling the human population by praying on and harvesting human energy. Everyone today is a victum of medical cognative warfare from cradle to grave. The slave masters have destroyed & controlled everything starting with fractional reserve banking. Welcome to the world of digital currency with Fed now with the slave coin. Every system is being corrupted through the control of energy.

The transhumanisc injection not only controls eveyrthing going on in your life but your body also. This is a wholelistic takeover which was predicted in Revelation. The vaxxed has now given up their genetic code otherwise the mark has been accepted.

Dr len Horowitz is a long time aquaintance and a brillient researcher, an extreamly brave man who has sacrificed so much over the years. Satanic sorocery is intertwined with all vaccines.

Do you truly understand predictive programing? What do you think the vax is for? The sheep have chosen this destinay themselves. Can the cognative dissonance be broken? Welcome to the covid™ lies, predictive programing and psyops. We’re destroying ourselves by falling into this scam. Fauci is the front guy, a demon creature, responsible for bringing millions of deaths upon earth, going back some fifty years with his patents. The plandemic is all about fear.

According to the Georgia Guidestones seven out of eight must die. The only solution is going back to the basics in Scirpture. Without faith it’s impossible to please our Abba Father God through the shed blood of Jesus Christ.

CV19™ is solely designed for transhumanism in accord with the Gates, Fauci, Soros, Klaus Schwab agenda. Live free, live for Chrst Jesus or join the Walking Dead where the masses await their destiny, the next varrient & booster. Our civilization is being recreated by the money masters & slave traders. Are you awake yet? Are you ready for bio-electronics and the war against humanity? The bioweapons are masquarding as vaccines.

The globalist are coming for your food, water & energy creating a cyborg colony of transhumanist droids through vaccines. This has been planned for centuries and all part of the NWO creating enemies which will destroy themselves through social engineering & predictive programming. Welcome to the new paradigm.

Fight the Woke Agenda as if your life depended on it, because it does.

John 8:32

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