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Thinking is Complicated

Thinking is Complex as exhibited by those who daily support the propaganda promoted by the CCP, MSM, Jesuit Fauci, George Soros and “The Gates of Hell.” Thousands are naively volunteering, out of fear, for the Covie Injections, which are untested, unproven, and totally unaware of what’s in the needle. The injection is a medical device, […]

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Mass Psychosis

“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil; God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”-Dietrich Bonhoeffer It’s a mad world otherwise known as mass psychosis. The public fool system has gone totally insane and parents need to awaken to these social insane-asylums along […]

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The Great Reset

As millions worldwide debate the Covid Injection and what’s coming through the needle along with how this untested synthetic mRNA may effect and destroy health leading to death, which is awaiting everyone, much wisdom, discernment and Faith is needed. This gene therapy injection is made to destroy and not to heal. There is no one […]

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Absolute Proof

Some years back we moved to the mountains where we would have a safer view of the political theater exhibited in the cities across the nation and around the world. It has been truly amazing. The cities are full of little Yummy types waiting to meet you. Become a seeker of Truth and do something. […]

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Covid 19 Is A Hoax

Why Would Anyone Choose to Receive an Experimental COVID mRNA Injection which isn’t a vaccine? America is suffering from lack of Truth! Get in the Fight for those you love and care for. The people are getting what they deserve. Order out of chaos. America is being destroyed from within by globalist agents of the […]

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COVID: If there is no virus, why are people dying?

January 29, 2021 By Jon Rappoport Since the beginning of this false pandemic, I’ve been offering compelling evidence that no one has proved SARS-CoV-2 exists. Then people ask, “So why are all these people dying?” I have explained that, many times, and in this article I’ll explain it again. First of all, the whole notion […]

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Stop World Control

A top lawyer from the Italian Supreme Court reveals how a large defense software company, Leonardo SpA, stole the United States presidential election, using advanced military grade software, and satellites. Why did they do this? The following video gives eye-opening answers… The world is sleeping in deep deception, by the mainstream media. Wake them up […]

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Doctors Issue Dire Warning

There is no pandemic, it is a fraud. There is no evidence of Covid 19 which isn’t a real epidemic. The hysteria was developed by corporations making Billions. The purpose of the Mystery Virus is to dumb us down creating masses of taxed paying droids worldwide for enslavement, control and extortion. How easily the sheep […]


Swampy Joe In Charge?

In the heart of the Luciferian beast, Swampy Joe is back with all the Swamp creatures that Trump was dispelling. Biden’s call for unity rings hollow as the Luciferian agenda continues to unfold. Are “We the People” in the Twilight Zone? Blessed to be in the mountains, out of the city, far from the insanity. […]

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Riders On The Storm

PEAK STUPID OR PEAK RETARD! We The People, that have not bought the lies of the CCP, Dem’s, the RINO’s, the Sleepy China Joe’s, Evil, Satanic, Godless, Fear Promoting, Facial Diaper Wearing Propaganda of the Fake Media and De facto Leadership in the Satanic Ritualistic space. Joe Biden went from stealing someone’s wife, to stealing […]