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Private Member Associations (PMA’s) and non-taxable trusts are the keys to escaping the tyranny of taxation and theft. Rex Freeman from The Freedom People and Dr. Diane Kazer join me to educate those with the eyes to see, ears to hear and the spirit to live free. Get the ticket to FREEDOM here:


You are the collateral against the ever increasing national debt. That’s why they implemented standardized testing in the educational system, so they could place a value on your earning potential and your projected tax payments. Do you know why they don’t have seat belts on a school bus but they force people in their personal vehicles to wear them? Because until you reach the age of 16, and you can get a “driver’s license” which just so happens to be the same age you can get a job and pay income taxes, you are a liability and not an asset. a driver is someone who makes a living or a profit from the act of driving either cargo or personnel.

The average citizen is a commuter, not a driver. it’s a freaking scam. The bill of rights specifically says that our ability to travel freely within the United states shall not be infringed, means that the whole concept of a driver’s license is unconstitutional. Do you think you own your vehicle after you pay it off? Oh no you don’t, look at your title, it’s property of the state and you are in possession of it. That’s why they can impound it, hold it for ransom, at will. Every city and town has a date of incorporation, they are a corporate entity, not a lawful entity under the constitution. This is an awesome episode but it goes so much deeper.

Reject satan and crew, the demon possessed, by 100% non-compliance which is the price of survival now that GENOCIDE is the end result of COMPLIANCE.

John 8:32

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