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This video is about the powerful families of industry and banking who shaped the 21st century. The first segment about the Rockefeller’s and the Rockefeller Foundation is taken straight from my book, The Deep State Encyclopedia, which is now available for purchase (Release day March 7th)!

A Century Ago: Rockefellers Funded Eugenics Initiative to Sterilize 15 Million Americans

Natural remedies and healthy people don’t make any money and yet naive parents continue to vaccinate newborns not to mention the unfortunates voluntarily taking the CV19™ vaccine out of fear of the covid flu when a number of antiparasitic’s easily address covid which have been outlawed.

Over a century ago Rockfellow funded the eugenics program which continues to this day with the CV19™ injection, resulting in the removal of the undesirables. The goal is to reduce the world population to under 500,000,000 worldwide as clearly stated on the Georgia Guidestones. recently destroyed.

The pandemics will continue among the vaxxed as new variants & boosters continue via mandates which the masses don’t understand. Learn how the world really operates if you want to live a healthy life unlike the jobbed out wageslave John Taylor Gatto talked about. Critical thinking is not allowed resulting in the vaxxed and to the vaxxed, truth is painful & costly.

John 8:32

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