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The most common trigger for autism is childhood vaccinations. Here’s how vaccines cause autism. Childhood vaccines cause longterm medical effects along with a lifetime of learning disabilities all by design. Likewise the CV19™ vaccine is solely designed for a large variety of medical issues & death. The entire program is about profits while reducing the world population to around 500,000,000 as etched in the Georgia Guidestones.

Maybe it’s time to awaken those you love and care for. The newborns along with the youth don’t have a prayer in the government schools as mandates continue to be enforced. Remember, mandates are not law.

Conventional wisdom proclaims that there is no evidence vaccines cause autism. In reality, there is a great deal of evidence showing they do, but the same playbook used to cover up the wave of covid injection adverse reactions was also used to cover up the brain damage many children have received from vaccination.

Evidence supports a variety of theories for why vaccination could cause autism. The leading theory is that autism results from vaccines triggering a sustained autoimmune response in the brain.  A strong case can also be made that vaccinations cause micro strokes in the brain and shock the brain’s cells, causing them to enter a dormant defensive mode where they no longer function properly.

Each of these mechanisms also appears to be the underlying cause of covid “vaccine” injuries; the only difference is that the spike protein vaccines are much more likely than the traditional childhood immunisation to cause these things to occur. In turn, treatments directed at those mechanisms have produced remarkable improvements for both autistic children and people with covid vaccine injuries.

John 8:32

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