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Are Federal Taxes Actually Mandatory? 

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America is known as the Land of the Free & home of the Brave when in reality; America is home of the meek & land of the indentured slaves. The masses think they owe allegiance to the IRS which stands for ‘Its really Satan’. The IRS is the most LBGTQ Woke organization in existence. Only corporations organized under the federal government are required to pay taxes. Are you a Corporation?

Where do you stand today? Take a few minutes and listen to Mike Adams interview with this gentleman discussing tax ternary. Not one penny of federal tax goes to America or the Treasury. Do you know where it goes? Everyone should know what they support!

All accountants, CPAs & financial planners work for the IRS. The only folks that go to prison file by voluntarily putting the 1040 rope around their neck. There is a remedy for those desiring to support Life, Liberty, Property & the Pursuit of Happiness.

Take these 7 steps to free yourself of IRS deception, fear, robbery, and slavery. Live free with our lifetime guarantee!

Regain your Power & Freedom. Never again voluntarily pay the Washington D.C. Swamp, legally and safely, GUARANTEED!

Based on the US Government’s official legal websites, no law requires 99% of Americans to file and pay income tax.

Filing an income tax confession form does not protect you. Instead, it gives the IRS the power to put a noose around your neck.

The IRS is extremely unlikely to be able to empty your bank account and steal your money if you do not file a 1040 Income Tax Confession Trap (aka Form).

Peymon, the founder of Freedom Law School, has not filed or paid U.S. income tax since 1993. The IRS knows this, but has never attempted to put Peymon in prison. Why?

File and pay income taxes only if your congressmen can show you the law that requires you to file and pay income tax.

Enjoy total peace of mind with our Lifetime Guarantee and lawfully stop filing and paying federal income tax.

Visit the Jones Plantation to better understand the American System. Over 80 million Americans have stopped supporting the fraud. That is 1 out of 3. It cost too much to go after non-tax filers and non are in jail. Only those that contract go to jail. All the money paid to the IRS is used against you. Read The Art of War: Rothschild & Wilson’s famous quotes concerning citizens, totally unaware.

An Exceptional Film by Larkin Rose

It’s time to appear strong when you are weak because you are not weak. It cost too much to go after non filers because it’s extortion and always about the money and always used against you when filing. Everyone is meant to live free so take part today in freeing America. Expand & support Freedom today by funding all freedom platforms by educating yourself. Most Americans are under mass psychosis.

The brightest minds are all about Restoring Freedom…

John 8:32

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