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Just another day in paradise is the life we live as a Christian family of 7 in the Appalachians. Seven of us live in a small cabin where love of life prevails. It is now what some call Red October while others say we’re headed into a Dark Winter. The Fall colors are starting to turn with cleansing mountain rain and cool nights.

Over a decade ago our Lord Jesus Christ led our family out of the chaos, heat, traffic and cost of the city to a beautiful mountain top in the lovely Blue Ridge Mountains with wife and young children. With free range chickens, grass fed beef, clean spring water & air, life is good. Leaving the country club was not that hard. Anyone can do it and everyone should in preparation for the daily evolving events.

Mountain life is extremely exciting with plenty to do. Prior the rain, while grading the drive in preparation for a cold snowy winter, the tractor tire blew, leaving a .5 mile mud slide. The rains are slowing and it’s time to finish the drive with a coat of gravel. The upper drive is eroding so it’s time to build a retaining wall as part of the new addition to accommodate family and friends. It’s truly ironic with how few are prepared. Business as usual is the common attitude, pray it so, however for most that isn’t the case.

During the winter snow & ice storms we loose power around 15 times, so a whole house generator may be necessary. We’ve heard power loss this winter may last for weeks. If power stays off as predicted, that will be a whole new experience for many unprepared families. Our father-in-law took the injection, along with other family members, speeding his demise so Mom is now with us.

The Delta variant booster is available for those in a deep sleep. The 4th brain wave, 1-4 mgz is one of 5 brain waves and is the deepest state of sleep. This injection/booster is for the walking dead where around 50% of the God given immune system will be replaced with a synthetic system. The first 2 injections destroy around 30% of natural immunity creating a synthetic system with no off switch.

As we head into this Dark Winter, millions are loosing their jobs, homes, families, money and lives. Millions, through naive godless fear are voluntarily being injected with a medical device according to Dr. David Martin of Virginia, designed to sterilize and kill. The needle contains graphene oxide, mRNA, aborted fetal tissue combined in a mystery cocktail not for animal or human. For those of faith, the mark of the beast comes to mind. Scripture has much to say on this subject, written around 2000 years ago should truth be desired.

This Eugenics/Depopulation plan is working brilliantly as the fearful volunteers naively come forward in support of their own demise. This soft kill event has been planned for decades along with many Covid-19 & SARS-CoV-1 patents filed years ago. Forget the science and follow the money leading to Gates, Fauci, Birx, Soros & Klaus Schwab in support of Transhumanism. “You will own nothing and be happy.” Are you awake yet or woke? The injected are always woke. “Be Prepared” Are you? Just something to consider for those awake…

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