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A Christ centered man is rare indeed: Spiritually, Physically, Financially, Mentally & Emotionally grounded & healthy, which Scripture refers to as a whole man. When sin is committed, it leads to addiction and disfunction making it hard to function, leading to codependency, where one views oneself through the eyes of the world leading to a shame based individual in society.

The masses are sailing on the seas of commerce without a clue of how to sail. Man is a trifold being of body, soul & spirit. The body is often overfeed, the soul is the blood life and the spirit is most underfed, understood & rarely developed. Satan, Lucifer, the Deep State & Team Dark are keenly aware operating in greed & death. Money, sex & vaccines lead to genecide known as the soft kill from cradle to grave.

Man’s spirit can only be developed through the shed blood of Jesus Christ & His Word Written void of legalistic actions. There is no other way to know Christ. The forces of the world daily bid for man’s soul with every breath drawn. No man can outdo what Christ did on the cross, in deed, actions or legalism. Christ did it all for you.

Karl Falken spent years as a devout church going man like many today. One winter night, he had a scary accident which took his life. In a critical moment, he had an encounter that would change the trajectory of not only his life, but his way of thinking.

Demons and Jesus showed up, and what happens next all hinged on what he was told years ago by a “Jesus guy”. Find out how he slayed the demons and the amazing experience he had with Jesus which ended with one Ultimate question.

A World Of Demons

A Chilling story of a beautiful and talented young lady and how the enticements of the world almost cost her, her soul. Like the bible says Jesus will leave the 99 and go after the one. This video is a cautionary tale of how the devil operates in the entertainment world.

We’re going to explore the unseen world that happens every time you sleep with someone. Sleeping around is a big step and it’s important to be prepared for the consequences. In this video, we’re going to explore the consequences of sleeping around and the spiritual implications it has on your soul. After watching this video, you’ll have a better understanding of the risks and what to expect when you sleep with someone!

Welcome to the University Lifestyle. Far too many go through school damaged by the very events that destroy & enslave every young man and woman seeking love and acceptance while becoming a victim of lust and bondage. The result is a well programed, jobbed out, non creative critical thinking individual. Not to mention the toll the abortion trans industry shames one into, leaving one dead and one wounded for life. Think twice before jobbing out your most beloved children to the school/university beast system, because they become shark bait in a shark tank.

Life Without Christ

Government/Private schools & Universities are where love/lust begins out of a need to conform and be accepted by ones peers. Drugs, sex, drinking begins in school, early on. Think about it because the spiritual world is far more real than the physical, yet the masses always operate in empiricism & junk science, not reality. CV19™ is a prime example in a pagan world controlled by Lucifer.

Spiritual Truth & Demons

The vaccine side effects along with the maskitis disease create the white lung disease, once again blamed on China.

Alter your mind concerning Jesus Christ and stop conforming to the world. Employ critical thinking only found in relations with Christ which is how to Believe & achieve in light of all Eternity. “Choose this day whom you will serve…”

John 8:32

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