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John Fitzgerald Kennedy was famous for stating: his intent was to break the CIA into ‘A Thousand Pieces’ which ultimately got him killed. He had also printed United States Notes attempting to get rid of Federal Reserve Notes, however few were awake.

JFK was the last real president America has had since President Donald John Trump who is giving America another chance, but only if the American people awaken. It’s up to each one of us to awaken those teachable among family and friends.

Our enemy is ignorance and we’re surrounded and stupid can’t be fixed so it’s up to each of us to remedy the problem while Trump is in office. Today, Trump is the leader of the world stating, enough is enough. American’s must start thinking for themselves and wake up.

American’s must stop with the mask wearing in support of the ‘Plandemic’ scam influencing so many today. Knowledge is our only defense against this global epidemic. Whatever happened to the Flu, killing millions worldwide annually?

Thinking if difficult for most Americans as exhibited by the lies of the mass media. Take a look around and wake up everyone you know, love and care for. They’re after you and Trump alone stands in the way. More suicides have occurred from covie, known as the common cold than covid. Don’t take any vaccine; avoid the flu shot too.

But I must take the flu shot for my job and I must wear a mask. Stop the insanity and stand for truth. It’s alone up to you to get educated before it’s too late. Do not take the hydro gel, nano tech, RFID tagged vaccine. Start reading the cocktail list before subjecting your most precious God given assets.

The American system is completely broken and Trump along with those awake are here to fix it and failure isn’t an option. Thinking has never been easy; maybe it’s time to start. Critical thinking is desperately needed which is systematically destroyed in the public/private/home school system. Higher education has failed. Visit Gatto’s, “The Purpose of Schooling.”

A must see Documentary for our children. We are the Digital Soldiers of the future. Main stream media is a sick illusion.

Thank you Sean Stone.

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