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How many have lost Loved one’s listening to the White Coat Professionals in the largest Cut, Burn, Poison Profession? How many make a living in the Slash for Cash business controlled & promoted by Big pharma, the CDC and the Insurance companies? How long will this go on until the intelligent Critical thinkers awaken? How long before, We The People, stop following the Narrative?

The white coat professionals killed my Mother & Father who were two amazing, Godly, Generous, Trusting Parents of great Status & Standing and one of my greatest privileges, aside from being raised by them, was preaching their funerals. They are sorely missed.

(After sharing the dynamics of my in-laws and their greed concerning their Mother’s money with hundreds of people, it has become crystal clear that far too many families suffer similar situations, driven by money, greed and a self-serving mindset overriding their personality. That is the way of the weaponized serving the Luciferian god of the world.

The Human Mental Immune System has never been more attacked, dulling the ability to think, feel or care among the pathogenic, injected weaponized. The CV19™ bioweapon has mind-wiped millions causing recipients to develop major personality changes, genetically modifying human DNA, turning people into walking, talking GMOs. As Noah stated, human DNA is hackable leading to transhumanism.

Two of her children, one a PhD in psychology & one a neurosurgeon. First, do no harm has vanished and replaced with how much money can we make or take. Mom is worth somewhere, give or take, $1 million dead and they have taken full control of her personal Trust while refusing to benefit her with any of her Trust funds. The Trust was set up for her benefit while three of her children view her funds as their money.

We have cared for my wife’s mother for 3 years while her other 3 children are doing all they can financially to force her into a nursing home where she repeatedly states she does not want to go.

Her Money is all they care about since they have not seen her in three years without phone, card or letter contact. They continue to deny the funds necessary for her handicap bedroom & bath out of sheer greed & selfishness. They operate with an indoctrinated brain.

Her daughter, with a PhD in psychology said, “I want Mom to die comfortably on drugs in a nursing home.” Wow! Meanwhile, her husband, who happens to be the owner of one of the largest privately owned financial planning groups in America, took full control of her Trust, removing Mom, which was set up for her benefit, converting the Trust to his benefit alone for his wife & two brothers.

Their company surpasses $1 Billion in New Client Assets over the past Five Years yet they refuse to assist their Mom. with her living conditions. Recently, they sued for half of her monthly income which they eventually dropped until a later date.

The Psychologist, her daughter, said she would not loose her second inheritance after her brother, a neurosurgeon today, lost the first inheritance, an estate worth around $10 million including her beautiful home in Baton Rouge. In fact, her daughter said, Mom’s money would not be allowed to improve her living conditions or assist those caring for her. More on this later concerning family who serve greed & those serving the Medical Industrial Complex.)

Now to the subject at hand and what the Allopaths are doing to millions for profit. Simply follow the money.

This second feature documentary undertaken by WayMark Productions, “A New Standard of Care: Alternative Cancer Therapies,” investigates non-conventional cancer therapies used worldwide. It was directed, produced, and written by Megan S. Smith, M.S.

The World Health Organization statistics states one-in-three women and one-in-two men will contract cancer in their lifetime. Further, cancer incidence is set to increase by 70 percent in the next two decades.

Receiving a cancer diagnosis psychologically paralyzes many patients. In turn, most readily take their doctors’ advice — advice based on] today’s limited Standard of Care protocols of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.

However, science-based non-conventional cancer therapies capable of extending the life of a patient do exist. Many have case studies and are supported by the medical literature.

Kill People

Some forms of alternative cancer treatments are already being used in hospitals and leading cancer centers. Yet there is still resistance in adding them to today’s conventional Standard of Care due to widespread misinformation and special interests.

Traveling throughout the U.S. and abroad, WayMark’s team gathered information on the leading alternative technologies through interviews with top scientists, medical doctors, patients, lawyers, key regulatory and governmental decision makers, and heads of associations, including: The American Cancer Society and the National Cancer Institute.

This documentary film is designed to educate policymakers, the medical community and the public that many alternative cancer treatments are legitimate and worthy of future investment, research, and clinical trials.

The cancer diagnosis is nothing to fear if we are armed with the right tools to treat — and potentially cure — this dreadful disease using “A New Standard of Care.”

Sadly, millions have been driven by the fear factor, the indoctrinated mind, accepting the CV19™ bioweapon with major consequence’s, not unlike, newborns receiving over 75 vaccines over the course of their life, destroying their God given immune system and creating life long disease.

The naïve stupidity of people following the white coat protocol, set by the CDC & Big Pharma, is destroying generations. Simply, follow the money and you will see, if you can still critically think, free from the Indoctrinated Brain.

Welcome to the Theory of Spontaneous Disease, which is what modern medicine is based on; disease without a cause.

Those vaxxed with the CV19™ are experiencing a mental cytokine storm. Fear is very strong. “The Indoctrinated Brain,” explains how global mind manipulation really works by Dr. Michael Nehls discussed in a previous post. What is a virus if it is not software which is why Bill Gates is involved?

John 8:32

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