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Daily families are awash in confusion, bombarded from all angles with disinformation as the killing of society continues with the promotion of fear, authored by Lucifer himself with the help of his godless minions. The masses, as witnessed by the fearful, volunteering for the CV19™ bioweapon, continue to accept & promote the mystery virus among the most intelligent. All of this insanity, supported, promoted & accepted is brought to those living in FEAR as the genocide continues.

Just as newborns accept 75 vaccines, thus creating a lobotomized child thrust into government programming for life and jobbed out until death. Talking about success and a life of mind games played from cradle to grave.

Mike Adams announces first distribution of “Neo” Large Language Model trained on food, nutrition and agriculture in the world of AI.

– Israeli-Iranian conflict. (0:00)
– Releasing an experimental language model “Neo” LLM. (4:00)
– Fake bird flu pandemic and food supply manipulation. (28:24)
– Israeli attacks on aid convoy and Palestinian land. (39:48)
– US-Israel relations and potential actions to address conflicts. (47:36)
– Solar eclipses, demons, and language models. (56:50)
– AI models for #nutrition, health, and #censorship resistance. (1:04:19)
– Virology fraud, engineered #famine, and geopolitical tensions. (1:31:28)
– Immigration and border control in #Texas. (1:37:10)
– Solar eclipses, weather control, and globalist agendas. (1:42:29)
– #Vaccines, #depopulation, and solar eclipses. (1:53:05)
– Demonic anti-Christ statue at Vatican and evil forces. (1:57:45)


Remember, we’re living in a mind washed America as the killing fields continue to grow worldwide.

John 8:32

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