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“Planet Lockdown”

David Martin explains the issues with the patent system, the over 5000 Corona Virus Patents, the players involved with the pandemic, the criminal laws violated through all this and his view on a solution to the problem. This interview was done as apart of a full length documentary, Planet Lockdown. Planet Lockdown: How Globalists Are […]

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“Tavistock Institute”

Dr. John Coleman schools you on how world events and the people are manipulated as well as WHO is doing the manipulation. All while giving you the WHY, WHEN and WHAT….. The Committee of 300 is a product of the British East India Company’s Council of 300. The East India Company was chartered by the […]

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“The Committee Of 300”

This book was published many years ago and widely promoted by the honorable Ed Griffin, author of, “The Creature From Jekyll Island” which should be read by every man, woman & child interested in truth. Remember, just as time is freedom just as health is wealth. RULERS OF OUR WORLD: The Committee of 300 is […]

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“The Culling Of Mankind”

If such a vaccine were to be developed and distributed, it could potentially lead to depopulation due to increased mortality and decreased fertility. Unfortunately, the world has found itself in a situation where powerful institutions and Governments have coerced millions of people into getting an experimental Covid-19 vaccine that causes all of the ill-fated things […]

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“The Storm Is Upon Us”

What is freedom and what is freedom worth to each of us. Where do we get it from, how do we keep it. Listen to Jim Caviezel for as he says “The storm is Upon Us”. You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. Freedom exist not to do what you like but to do […]

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“Planetary Address”

Today, money is at the heart of all food production and the food today has been so adulterated that healthy food few can afford. Just as health is wealth being prepared for the storm quickly approaching is paramount. Maybe, it’s time to take a stand and awaken those you love and care for. Listen to […]

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“People Of The Lie”

This discussion is a crossover between psychology and religion in discussion of evil as a form of mental illness which many children exhibit today witnessed firsthand. They think they are doing good when in fact what they’re doing is pure evil, like suing a parent for the parents money when caretakers need money to care […]

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“Lifestyles Of The Sick And Infamous”

Lifestyles of the Sick and Infamous. Nefarious Foundations, NGOs and Trusts that Connect a Global Network of Child Trafficking Rings. How the Rich and Powerful Hide their Crimes under the cover of Philanthropy, Elite Non-Profit Organizations and Prestigious Families. Eight million children vanish annually and just under one million in America. What are you doing […]

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“Eat Your Vaccines”

Liberty vs. Tyranny is what it’s all about built upon CV19™ lies which is nothing more than seasonal flu. Trump refused to play the anti American game and was unusable by the deep state. Few today have a moral compass in leadership or otherwise. mRNA gene therapy is huge. China wants our resources void of […]

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“American Trance”

Why are doctors and nurses killing patients in their care? Why are people lining up to inject poison into themselves and their own children? Have you considered mind control? This video has all the uncomfortable answers. There was a plan long ago to place the entire world under mind control. What were the results of […]