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Documents to kill the useless eaters from 1954 and that’s those of us who are not Billionairs. Like George Carlin said; it’s a big club and you’re not in it. It’s the tax filing, compliant, obedient, vaxxed sheep, banning, canceling & destroying the truth.

Food and Water are making you sick and its a plan from 1954. Francis A. Schaeffer, the great preacher wrote the book

Nothing But The Truth
Pollution and the Death of Man by Francis A Schaeffer

The Bible is mankind was meant to exercise godly domination over the earth. Yet today men mine valuable resources by whatever method brings the greatest profit in the shortest time, leaving the earth ravaged. They hunt and fish for pleasure, not food, leaving animal carcasses behind to rot. They worship self and ignore the God who made them. The answer to the ecological crises of our day is found only in the glorious truths of biblical God created ex nihilo ; He is both infinite and personal; we are made in His image and thus have great value in Him; Christ’s death brought redemption from the consequences of the Fall (for believing individuals now and for all creation when He returns). There are indeed serious ecological crises in our world, but, says Dr. Francis A. Schaeffer, one of the greatest Christian thinkers of our “The Christian who believes the Bible should be the man who–with God’s help and in the power of the Holy Spirit–is treating nature now in the direction of the way nature will be [when Christ returns]…. God’s calling to the Christian now, and to the Christian community, in the area of nature… is that we should exhibit a substantial healing here and now.” A powerful Christian classic–a marvelous theological response to ecological danger signals.

The masses are kept in a sic fog and are none the wiser. They are simply clueless void of any ability to discern or reason. The masses are worth no more than cattle to the elite and must be eliminated.

“Give me control over a nations currency and I care not who makes it laws.” Mayor Rothschild

Christian truthers are quickly silenced, banned or removed from society. Are you a Christian Truther or sheep being sheered for the slaughter?

John 8:32

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