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It’s no wonder we have the sickest population on the planet. Everything we do is disrupting our health causing chronic disease, chronic fatigue, diabetes, heart disease, alzheimers causing dementia, et al while loosing the benefits of eating a good diet.


Just as Health Is Wealth, Communication Is The Kiss Of Life so listen & learn. Education is always the key. We live in a toxic world effecting us from a variety of directions. It all depends on the bacteria living in and on our body. Everything we do is destroying our health. Far too many are sick and they have to work sick. The vaxxed are the sickest with few choices in genecide Joe’s new world order. Of course, Joe dementia is not running anything along with his few supporters who are clueless.

Dr. Van Dyken discusses 7 evidence based ways to increase Nitric Oxide (NO) levels in the human body. We take a deep dive into the science behind how each of these methods work.

Nitric Oxide

Dr. Van Dyken discusses nitric oxide, the history behind it, and how powerful this little molecule really is. She then discusses the top food sources to optimize nitric oxide levels.

Nitric Oxide

Dr. Van Dyken discusses the health benefits of Cacao. She describes an overview and history, makeup of cacao seeds and effects on the microbiome. She shares research on other health benefits including increasing nitric oxide, hearth health, brain health, blood sugar stabilization, and its effects on the skin. She discusses which form of cacao is the best – nibs, powder, supplements? She also talks about concerns regarding cadmium contamination of cacao.


Dr. Van Dyken discusses the biggest nitric oxide reservoir in the body, the skeletal muscle!


Dr. Van Dyken discussion with the founders of SaNOtize – a nitric oxide nasal spray designed to prevent and treat respiratory infections. Gilly Regev PhD is an experienced biotech executive with hands-on experience in launching pharmaceutical enterprises, and Chris Miller PhD is a pioneer in nitric oxide technology and therapeutic research.

Together, they have spearheaded the creation and research behind SaNOtize, a nasal nitric oxide delivery spray. They just published a randomized, controlled trial demonstrating quicker clearance of the SARS-CoV-2 virus using their spray. We talk a little about this trial in the interview today, but for a detailed review of it – check out the video we made reviewing the nitty gritty of the trial details, here is the link:    • Nitric Oxide Nasal Spray Update – Tre…  

In this interview today, we talk about nitric oxide as well as the development of the nitric oxide nasal spray. We briefly explore how it works and how it is used (especially against COVID-19), we talk about upcoming studies planned, and we touch on the company’s plans to distribute the spray widely. It’s a great interview, and I definitely learned quite a bit. Let’s reduce the viral load thus improving health worldwide.

Nasal Oxide Spray

It’s always about improving the lives of everyone just as Health is Wealth and Communication is the Kiss of Life…

John 8:32

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