Dr Robert Cassar

Feb 26, 2019

What a beautiful day here on the mountain. This weather is amazing and each day is a new experience and we love it. The freedom, beauty, fresh air, water, serenity, privacy and majesty of the mountains is always breathtaking. We've just finished a run on top of the mountain and the views are something to behold.

Recently, an old friend with 4 amazing children, a lovely wife, at the young age of 52 experienced a heart attack and was rushed into surgery. Everyone thought he, along with several other friends, were some of the healthiest of all we knew. Dr Hulda Clark clearly states parasites are at the heart of every disease and there are no exceptions and this must be addressed for optimum health & longevity. Dis ease!

Over the years we've had many friends that we assumed were in great shape only to watch them experience brain fog, cancer, open heart surgery, stint procedures and death. Upon saying goodby early one morning to my Father, a Navy SEAL, Captain and very intelligent man; he departed for a week long trip with some friends. His personal physician had just given him and exceptional bill of health. Several days later he was flown home in a body bag. This was a rude awakening for the entire family. Death comes like a thief in the night and eternity is a long time so preparation is the key as told by Christ in His Word written.

Our entire family has decided to take a more extreme interest in our daily dietary routine and lifestyle. We’ve been watching Dr Robert Cassar on youtube for weeks and have yet to see all his videos on Terrain Modification. We are also considering traveling over to the Big Island for a month to learn more on becoming Rejuvenation Engineers. In essence, it’s all about superfoods and we have access to the best here on the mountain with wholesome Organic CSA’s.

Our family & friends continually discuss building a lodge/educational center for Health & Healing grounded in Scriptural & Civil responsibility along with traveling the country with the children teaching Scriptural Truth Technologies concerning Health, Status, Law & Money. Desire the best in life and seek Him as He alone shows His way. We live in a master slave system and either we’re the master or slave to the system. Are you a master to the slave system or a slave to the master? It’s all about Him my friend. Learn the art of networking truth!

Dr Cassar has produced 5 years of videos, around 250 Free for viewing, so enjoy; learn & live life to the fullest. May we suggest starting here: Earth Shift Project Youtube

Check out www.eartheracademy.com & www.earthshiftproducts.com and visit Dr Robert Cassar: https://www.youtube.com/user/EarthshiftProject

In His Service,
John 8:32